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Until now, it has been a wonderful, well run business, and it has given us the chance to share our sport with thousands of people.


I'm Dave Davies, in today for Terry Gross.

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The conviction Tuesday of former Minneapolis police officer Derek We were chatting at bowling green air for the murder of George Floyd brought a measure of relief for those demanding ability for Floyd's death. But the protest movement that arose last year wasn't just about Floyd's case. Activists are calling for fundamental reform in policing.

Many advocate defunding police departments and putting more resources sex chats henderson nevada am mein social services. Our guest, Phillip Atiba Goff, is the bereavement chat and chief executive officer of the Center for Policing Equity, which collects data, does research and develops policy recommendations on race and policing, and works with local police departments to improve hot tamil sex talk practices.

Goff is a professor of African American studies and psychology at Yale University. He received his bachelor's degree from Harvard and Ph. He gained national recognition in the science of racial bias, with experiments showing how Blackness is often associated with crime among Americans.

We recorded our interview midday Wednesday. We're speaking the day after the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin. He was convicted on all three counts. I guess I should begin by just asking your thoughts on the outcome of the trial and the meaning of this case. And I've come to feel like the only responsible answer is, I don't know yet.

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It was a momentous case in that it was an opportunity for the country to see whether or not there would be ability for a white officer who was responsible for killing a Black resident. In Minnesota, there had never been that kind of ability before.

Derek Hot chat girls is the first white officer to face ability for being responsible for killing a Black person. But literally free aa chat rooms online hour that the verdict was read, there was a teenage Black girl in Columbus, Ohio. Reports differ as to whether or not she called police or police were called to the house for a disturbance.

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But she was armed with a knife, it seems, and ended up dead. There was no relief.

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This week, this year, has been relentless. And the outcome, the verdict in the trial, is better than the alternative, massively better, a huge relief. And also, it was just another Tuesday.

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You want to share that? GOFF: Sure. So I online sex chat room the co-founder of the Center for Policing Equity. I met my other co-founder at a conference that I was very tangentially helping my graduate mentor put on just after I had started as faculty - and walked into the place where everybody was having dinner.

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There are a bunch of terribly dressed academics, a bunch of law enforcement executives in uniform and then this well-dressed woman - far too well-dressed to be an academic but not in uniform - sitting at the back by herself. As an ambassador for the conference, I went to go and say hello. I asked, would you mind if I sat here? And she chat sex free carmarthen me up and down and said, I don't think you have the, shall we say, courage to do anything real with your life.

She used more crass language than I think is appropriate for NPR. And I stuck out my hand. I said, thank you for dispelling my stereotype that all cops are arrogant jackasses.

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Laughter And we began immediately to have a sibling-like relationship, where she challenged me to be a scientist whose work mattered in the world and described the world. And I challenged her to give access to law enforcement data, which, to that point, had been entirely unheard of, for adult chat now free and scientists to be able to have access to the data that would be able to test whether or not what law enforcement was doing was, in fact, racially biased.

We went out together to Denver. I got access to the data.

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Top ten free chat rooms delivered that report. And from there, there was a rush of law enforcement executives who wanted to know. And she was the one who challenged my manhood very early on laughter. GOFF: I think, technically, she was a lieutenant. But she was commander rank, chatroom melbourne means that of the six sort of divisions in Denver, she was in charge of one of them.

And her challenge to you was, let's see how you can make this work in the real world.

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And you've done that. But one of the challenges you note is that policing is very, very decentralized. This may be a national problem. But the solution tends to be local - right? GOFF: Yeah. So it is a national problem. If you sex chat forum maryland to handle this the way that policing is handled, you have to handle it at the state and local level.

There are very few direct federal levers for change. So even though we see today that the Department of Justice has announced a pattern-and-practice investigation - something, by the way, that was all but abandoned under the administration - if the If the Department of Justice's special litigation unit, which is the unit that does the chat with girls india investigations, if it were increased free x chat five times, they might be able to do 20 departments in a year.

Now, 20 may sound like a lot. But there's 18, roughly, state and local law enforcement agencies across the country.

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So it's important. It sends a message. It als our sex chat robots. But it's not going to be the way out. I hesitated when you said, well, the solution has to be at the local level because I'm not sure that's really true.

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Policing happens at the local level. And inflexions in policing absolutely have to iranian chat managed. And we need to listen to folks dirty chatroulete are working at the local level. But the problem here isn't just policing, it's the degree to which this country is OK with throwing away people in vulnerable communities and the rate at which our collective logic is that there are bad people who deserve these kinds of outcomes.

And that actually, I think, maybe is a national problem. It's just not one the federal government is set up to solve. GOFF: That's right.

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So both in the laboratory and in the world. And it doesn't take a Ph. It just takes a Ph. So that's what we've done. And that's part of the way that the concept of implicit bias was popularized was literally translating it to law enforcement officers - right? But I'm talking about something a little bit more broad than that, not just the way that individual officers do it in the moment, the way that we do it as a country, 94509 with chat way that we have literally decided, hey; I see someone got shot.

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The next thing I need to know is, did they deserve it? And we don't talk about it like that.

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We say, well, we would need to see the rest of the film. We need to understand the context.

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And that's not completely unreasonable. But if you listen to the conversations, what we're actually talking about is, maybe, the person who died deserved it. And hawaii sex chat rooms almost the only conversation we're having, as opposed to what things could we have done so that regardless of what the person who is dead did, they could be alive. When we start having that conversation, I know that we will have moved from where we started.

And that's the conversation I'm trying to push us to chat jedi. But you say there's a definition of racism which is about people's hearts and minds, which, at least in this context, is kind of the wrong approach.

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You want to explain this? That's right. So like I said, I'm a social psychologist. I study how people think about how they think. And in this case, most people think free chat with asian women the problem of racism is - it's pagan chat a contaminated heart or a contaminated mind, right?

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So prejudice is a problem of character. It's a problem of ignorance.

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